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ENTROPIA Partners: A fun way to earn PED and Linden dollars

Daily and Weekly Raffle

» Every day we draw a lucky ticket for 125 L$ / 5 PED prize from raffle tickets earned by our members in past 24 hours.
» Every Monday we draw 3 lucky winners for 1250 / 625 / 250 L$ OR 50 / 25 / 10 PED prizes respectively from raffle tickets earned by our members in past week.
» You can earn raffle tickets by doing various activities. More tickets you have, better the chances of your winning.

Daily Raffle Winners (Past 5 Days)

Joro Sux Ivanov
MatiRT MatiRT OmgLol
Nenad nenadfreak88 Vukic
Gery Black Howk
Wilford Diabeetus Brimley
Type Your Tickets Total Tickets Win Chance
Daily - 3,029 -
Weekly - 11,533 -
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Weekly Raffle Winners (Past 5 Weeks)


50 PED / 1250 L$

Jonny SKToasT thorburn
no melocreo espow
royal heyroy joshi
Gelzina Gelzina Gelzina
Ahmed AGH21 AGH

First Runner Up

25 PED / 625 L$

ender endermigne migne
Odiosa Odi Malacbar
Donald Ahirudduck vanAswegen
King Galford Ryoma

Second Runner Up

10 PED / 250 L$

Demi Deminish Nishap
Lilith Gravitysnap Blackheart
Stefanie pswa2000 Winkie
General Hawkeye Lee
Sam Papa Winston

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