USER STATISTICS: Registered Users - 120,000+, Total Earnings - $1,400,000+
ENTROPIA Partners: A fun way to earn PED and Linden dollars

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How can I register with you?
You must be a Second Life resident or an Entropia Universe colonist to use our services. Second Life residents can start earning by login through any EUP Kiosks. Please teleport to our headquarter and touch any kiosk to login. Entropia Universe colonists need to register via web login or facebook connect.

Q. What are the system requirements?
EntropiaPartners website can be accessed from most of the internet browsers which have cookies and JavaScript enabled. Certain offers may not work with certain old browsers.

Q. Can I refer my family members? Can I have duplicate accounts?
Yes, you can as long as new accounts do not share your internet network / IP / computer with your account. This is an abuse of our affiliate system. Such referral earnings will be charged back with hefty penalties. You may also get suspended. Use of proxies is strictly prohibited and will lead to a certain ban.

Q. How do I withdraw? How long it takes?
Please login and click on withdraw link. Withdrawls usually happen within 10 seconds for Second Life residents. Entropia Universe colonists must do a private trade with our online representatives to get their earnings.

Q. At certain sections of website I see a different currency that I registered for?
We use a point system at the base so it does not matter. When you withdraw you will receive your currency. For your reference you can use the following conversion. 1 PED = 25 L$.

Q. My account has been suspended. Why?
Most probably because of proxies / VPN.

Q. My account has been suspended. What should I do now?
If it was an accident, please contact on discord with your account name.

Q. I have been banned. What should I do now?
You must introspect. We do not generally ban. If you are you must be one of a kind.

CPA Offers

Q. What are CPA offers?
CPA stands for Cost Per Action. These offers pay you when you complete an action such as providing email, installing an app, making a purchase or completing an offer.

Q. I completed an offer but I was not paid?
While most of the offers pay instantly, some may take time. Please make sure that you have completed all the requirements. You can contact support teams by clicking on support link in respective offer walls. Please note that we do not entertain any such support.


Q. How does the raffle work?
You can earn daily and weekly raffle tickets while doing certain activities as listed on raffle page. The more tickets you have, more will be your chance to win the raffle. Our system randomly picks winning tickets from all available tickets for a period.

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