USER STATISTICS: Registered Users - 120,000+, Total Earnings - $1,400,000+
ENTROPIA Partners: A fun way to earn PED and Linden dollars

Affiliate Program

Referring others is the best way to earn more money. You will be paid a referral commission from your direct referrals. There are no secondary level referral commissions. The commissions are listed below for various types of offers:
    - CPA Offers: Instant credit of 5% ( minimum 0.01 PED / 0.25 L$)
Referring your household members may result in a permanent ban. Spamming or any other form of unsolicited promotion shall also lead to a ban.

Second Life Residents can use "EUP Kiosks" on their lands to refer other residents. Any resident can use the kiosk and complete offers. The owner of the kiosk will get a commission on the earnings generated through this. Please pick your EUP Kiosk from EUP Headquarter or SecondLife Marketplace.

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