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March 13th 2015

Community Contributor Rewards, November 2014 - February 2015

250 PED each - Krystme, Sluggo
180 PED each - jqkill, StMzzaaFidai, Wolv69, Zanzibarjones
100 PED each - zeeneedle, Ceaseer, Addicted, Wauspaus, KingFlo
50 PED each - TheeTimp, blitzer, Stilag, darealist
20 PED each - LostInPed, ussiafreak233, DrBojangles, Ouizardia, Lissie, 8i67yjcgjhedf, MrBock, Aonir
Congratulations to all the contributors

November 14th 2014

Community Contributor Rewards, September & October 2014

250 PED each - Sluggo, jqkill
180 PED each - Krystme, Wolv69
120 PED each - Wauspaus, MayBe
75 PED each - StMzzaaFidai, zeeneedle, Ceaseer, NorianNorianXx
Congratulations to all the contributors

September 07th 2014

Community Contributor Rewards, May - August 2014

250 PED each - Alkhzar, Sluggo, jqkill, Wauspaus, zobadias
200 PED each - cziak, phobos209, StMzzaaFidai, MayBe, Onat42, Ceaseer, Krystme, wournos, AdamFooter
175 PED each - carrieann, Norian, babaroga1x, Kingy, Patrick, Juanp
Congratulations to all the contributors

May 20th 2014

Community Contributor Rewards, March & April 2014

220 PED - Wauspaus
180 PED each - Kingy, jqkill, Sluggo, Krystme
150 PED each - LadyBobJane, MayBe, Ceaseer
100 PED each - Onat42, alvin, zobadias, cziak, WARLOCK, carrieann, Norian
Congratulations to all the contributors

March 2nd 2014

Community Contributor Rewards, January & February 2014

220 PED each - Kingy, Prosac
180 PED each - Wauspaus, Sluggo, BBGlobal
150 PED each - jqkill, blitzer, Talmaru
100 PED each - Kombinacka, Norian, Onat42, MayBe, WARLOCK, carrieann, babaroga1x, JoCraft
Congratulations to all the contributors

January 5th 2014

Community Contributor Rewards, November & December 2013

230 PED - prosac
180 PED each - jqkill 180, athenakitty
150 PED each - sluggo, norian
130 PED each - blitzer, maybe
100 PED each - ovolon, babaroga1x
80 PED each - anarchist, delb0d, klueless, radioactive, joCraft
50 PED each - Kombinacka, BBGlobal, Philipkelly, Wauspaus
Congratulations to all the contributors

January 3rd 2014

Introducing DEP: EntropiaPartners Debentures

We are happy to invite all EP users for a direct involvement in EP expansion. EP Debentures or DEPs are contracts which EP users will buy from the EP earnings for a steady daily income.
Learn more about DEPs

November 1st 2013

Community Contributor Rewards, October 2013

250 PED - Sluggo
200 PED - Norian
150 PED - Prosac
100 PED - klueless
100 PED - babaroga1x
50 PED each - Talmaru, JoCraft, SirWhizer, Zanzibarjones, blitzer
Congratulations to all the contributors

October 1st 2013

EntropiaPartners is open to EVE Online players now

We are happy to extend our services to EVE Online players. Registration are open now. We hope that we will be able to provide you with all possible ISK support for your game play.

October 1st 2013

Community Contributor Rewards, September 2013

250 PED - prosac
200 PED - sluggo
150 PED - alkhzar
100 PED - talmaru
100 PED - mzzaa
50 PED each - mbevi, babaroga1x, rosenoire, greysloth, klueless, hunter
Congratulations to all the contributors

September 28th 2013

Increased rewards for CrowdFlower contributors

CrowdFlower micro-tasks are paying 25% more now. The bonuses have also been increased to 20% from earlier 15%. All contributors earning more than 1250 L$ or 50 PED (earlier was 1500 L$ or 60 PED) in a week will be eligible for bonus. Affiliate bonus will remain unchanged.
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