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Welcome to EntropiaPartners

A unique service to support your game play

Earn Project Entropia Dollars (PED), InterStellar Kredits (ISK) and Linden Dollars (L$)

» You must be a Second Life Resident or an Entropia Universe Colonist or an EVE Online pilot to use our services.
» Multiple accounts from the same household are allowed as long as they do not abuse our affiliate system.
» Please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Other browsers including in-built SL/EVE browsers may not work.

Welcome to Entropia Partners, a unique place to earn L$, PED and ISK. Participate in our fun activities and start earning round the clock. There are no minimum payouts. For Second Life residents withdrawls are instant, and are committed within seconds. Entropia Universe colonists & EVE Online pilots usually gets their earnings within minutes.

SecondLife Residents

SecondLife residents do not need to register. Simply teleport to EUP Headquarter and touch any EUP Kiosk to start.

Entropia Universe colonists and EVE Online users

Please register using an email and password, or create an account using your facebook credentials.

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